The Container System devised for the Viper series of rigs took much forethought and an entire team of designers and engineers to layout and perfect, but the result is functional simplicity with remarkable versatility.

Designed from the onset to allow the customer to have whichever aesthetic style he or she desired (a Fully Exposed Pop-Top, a Non-Exposed Reserve Pilot Chute, or a Partially Exposed Pop-Top), the Viper series gives the purchaser freedom to choose style, without giving up the standard features that make these rigs so functionally sound.

Take for instance the two layers of riser protection afforded by the Viper series. Fold-over shoulder covers keep the Reserve risers secured in a separate pocket from the Main risers. This ensures that, even through repeated main packing, the reserve risers stay put and won't become loose over time. Add to this a Second-Skin riser cover stealthily integrated into the reserve tray, and you've got main riser protection that can stand up to the highest placard speeds in any orientation.

The mid and top flaps on all Viper series rigs are designed to be field replaceable. So, a bad landing no longer means living with a scuffed flap, nor a ridiculously expensive repair bill to have the flap replaced. So easy to replace, the new flaps can be ordered from Trident H&C, Inc., and installed by most any field rigger with an appropriate sewing machine! Tired of your old flap colors? Simply replace them. Selling your Viper? Replace the flaps and increase the overall aesthetic of the rig back to near-new condition.

The Viper XP includes stylish and safe pop-top covers to reduce the likelihood of snagging the exposed reserve pilot chute while getting out of the plane. Additionally, the flat-cap design gives the rig the smoothest profile of any pop-top rig available. The XP just looks good, no matter which way you turn it!

The Viper and Viper Papa-Echo containers can be converted from one model to the other very simply and at every repack, if desired, and without any additional work to the rigger. A rigger friendly Freebag assembly and reinforced flaps make these rigs easy to pack, and easy to make look good!

Additional features like an integrated BOC pouch, a main deployment handle that stays securely in place until called upon, and a pin protection flap so bullet-proof you can lift the rig up by it all give the modern skydiver the confidence to Go Big, with knowledge that their gear is up to the task.