The Harness system incorporated into the Viper series of rigs is like no other on the market. It takes the best features and incorporates them into a simple, yet elegant design that is sure to become a favorite.

One of the best engineered on the market, the harness system incorporates many features that add to the comfort of the rig, while also adding to the functional prowess of the overall system. An innovative Lumbar Support Belt (much like those used in weight lifting) provides a solid fit and feel to the bottom of the container system by keeping the rig snug to the jumper's back regardless of body position, while at the same time supporting the lower back like a weight belt does, thus reducing fatigue.

Another important feature of the harness system on Viper series rigs is the placement of the hip articulation point. Unlike conventional articulation, which simply attempts to add comfort by placing a "hinge" somewhere in the harness, Viper's harness takes each individual jumper's build into consideration. By placing the hip articulation joint where it allows the harness to most closely follow the natural bend of the jumper's body when he or she moves, the harness feels more like an extension of the human form. Even when worn tight, such as on a Freefly jump, the harness system on the Viper series of rigs just feels "right", without excess allowable movement or being overly constrictive.

By changing the angle of the leg strap bridge (where the top and bottom pieces of the leg strap come together), the Viper harness' legstraps sit lower on the jumper's leg than in other conventional harness designs. What this does is effectively create a "saddle" for the jumper to sit in while under canopy, not a "sling" to hang from. As more and more jumpers are flying high performance canopies, a comfortable, proper fitting harness translates into greater harness steering capability and a more complete steering range.

Utilizing wrap-around cutaway pillow and reserve ripcord pouches, along with full hard-housings, the top end of this harness offers as much as the bottom end does. With a comfort-fitted yoke design and contoured Three-Ring covers, the stylish Vipers offer it all to the demanding consumer.