Trident Harness and Container, Inc. is proud to introduce a totally new and innovative rig design that does what no other Harness & Container system has done to date: We're putting ALL the options jumpers want into a single rig, not just picking and choosing. Today's skydiver demands the best, and we've answered that call by taking the most innovative features available today, and including ALL of them in the Viper series of rigs.

Not only does the Viper series have all the standard options you'd want to gather together and build into a rig, but Viper also comes in three separate container variants, a Fully Exposed Pop-Top (Viper XP), a Non-Exposed Reserve Pilot Chute (Viper) and a Partially Exposed Pop-Top (Viper Papa-Echo).

All the variants include two levels of main riser protection, our integrated Lumbar Support Belt, an innovatively secured main pilot chute deployment handle, a certified secondary reserve pilot chute extraction system, an Articulated Harness that actually articulates at the points where your body moves (not just where it's convenient to put a ring), the ability to change top and mid-flap colors or patterns at every repack, as well as many other standard features that truly make the Viper series of rigs the next generation of skydiving equipment.

Let's introduce the rigs:

The Viper XP is the first version being released, and it's truly a vision of integrated science and art. Combining the best assets of a Fully Exposed Pop-Top (deployment speed, great aesthetic lines) and the safety margin needed on any exposed pilot chute configuration (deflector panels to help secure the exposed cap), the XP has fine lines and artistic grace, backed up with engineered safety.

Utilizing a "flat-cap" design to lessen the chance of snagging the edge of the reserve pilot chute cap, the deflector panels built into the easily changeable top and mid flaps make the reserve section of the XP stealthy and fast, all at once.

The next rig in the Viper line, simply called Viper, is an ingenious integration of clean lines and secure fit. As a Non-Exposed Reserve Pilot Chute Style rig, Viper has the same secure features of the entire Viper series of rigs, but with the very clean top section lines that come from hiding the entire reserve P/C inside the reserve container.

The last rig in the line is the Viper Papa-Echo (Partially Exposed). This variant holds the same lines as the Viper does, but with added aesthetic of a partially exposed pilot chute cap. With the same standard options of the Viper and Viper XP, the Papa-Echo can actually be field converted (at repack) back and forth between the Viper and Papa -Echo models, without any additional tools!